Light industrial products, toys, electronic and electrical products, textiles, clothing, raw materials, etc., from procurement, production to the final product of the entire process of inspection, identification, testing。As an independent third-party inspection and appraisal agency, we provide professional and one-stop services for every stage and necessary links of consumer goods according to customers' needs, effectively helping customers reduce trade risks。

Product range

◆ Food container

◆ Toys and Gifts

◆ Electronic and electrical products             

◆ Textile, clothing

◆ Kitchen supplies

◆ Sports and leisure products

◆ 家具

◆ 灯饰

◆ 工具

◆ 鞋

◆ 其它

Main service items and inspection contents:

Type of service

Inspection content

◆ Factory review

◆ General requirements

◆ Early production inspection (IPC)

◆ Packaging, appearance, function, safety, related performance test

◆ Mid-production inspection (DUPRO) 

◆ Special requirements: safety structure inspection, development of test items, etc

◆ Pre-shipment inspection/Final Inspection (FRI)         

◆ Monitor loading/unloading and sealing cabinets

◆ Product testing 


◆ Quality/quantity certificate

◆ Supervisory loading/unloading certificate

◆ Hair product disinfection certificate

◆ Safety and health certificate

◆ Damage appraisal certificate

◆ Value appraisal certificate

◆ Inspection certificate of returned repair products

Related certification service

◆ISO19001 quality management system certification

◆ISO14000 environmental management system certification

◆GB/T28001 Occupational Health and safety management system certification

◆SA 8000 social responsibility standard certification

◆ISO27000 Information security management system certification 

◆ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification


State-owned central enterprises violate the eight provisions of the central mental problems

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