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Our company provides independent inspection, identification and testing services for mineral products, metal raw materials and finished products through the professional testing laboratory of the system, so as to bring professional assurance to meet the requirements of mineral product quantity and quality inspection for customers。

Product range
◆ Energy products: coal, coke, etc
◆ Metal concentrate: copper concentrate, lead concentrate, zinc concentrate, gold concentrate, alumina, etc
◆ Metal ore products: iron ore, manganese ore, chromium ore, titanium ore, nickel ore, bauxite, etc
◆ Rare metal ore: Niobium, beryllium, lithium, etc
◆ Metal materials: steel, pig iron, copper, zinc ingots, tin ingots, etc
◆ Electrolytic materials: electrolytic copper, electrolytic manganese, etc
◆ Non-metallic materials: cement, lime, etc
◆ Ferroalloy: ferrosilicon, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochrome, ferrotitanium, ferrophosphorus, ferronickel, etc
◆ Non-metallic mineral products: phosphate sand, metal silicon, yellow phosphorus, barite, silicon carbide, limestone, graphite, etc
◆ Fertilizer: diamine phosphate, urea, potassium fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc 

Service content

Type of certification service 

◆ Weight identification (water gauge weight and weighing machine weight)                         

◆ ISO19001 quality management system

◆ Sampling and sample preparation

◆ ISO14000 environmental management system

◆ Quality inspection

◆ GB/T 28001 Occupational Health and safety management system certification

◆ Measuring moisture

◆ SA 8000 social responsibility standard system

◆ 理货 

◆ ISO 27000 Information security management system

◆ Goods appearance inspection  

◆ Energy management system

◆ Evaluation of vehicle load capacity

◆ Supervision of loading/unloading

◆ Damage identification

◆ Contract Consultation


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