Shandong China Inspection Training Co., Ltd. is a professional training institution established with the approval of Shandong Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and managed by Shandong Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau。Over the years, the company has organized hundreds of training activities and provided management consulting and technical services to thousands of enterprises。The company has a team from various departments and agencies,For many years engaged in administrative supervision and management, laws and regulations and policy research, enterprise management training, consulting and management system certification of training lecturers and technical service personnel team,It provides sufficient resources for extensive training and consulting work,It has made important contributions to promoting the economic development of Shandong Province。

The main business of Shandong China Inspection Training Co., Ltd. includes: management system internal auditor training,Enterprise management training,Training on inspection and quarantine techniques,Management system national registered auditor training,Certification technical training,Management system certification and product certification consulting,Product quality management information consulting,Economic information consulting,Enterprise management consulting,Inspection and quarantine information consulting, agency services,New technology development, transfer, intermediary services,Certification, testing information consulting, agent services,Conference services, etc。


State-owned central enterprises violate the eight provisions of the central mental problems

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