Industrial product inspection is to provide professional services for technical identification, inspection and testing of machinery, electric power, water conservancy and other markets in the industrial field。The focus of industrial inspection of CCI Shandong Company is to implement supervision services for suppliers of complete sets of equipment exported to China and ensure the quality of equipment purchased to foreign buyers。In addition, we provide equipment quality inspection and monitoring and unloading services for importers, and the industrial equipment inspection certificate issued by Shandong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has been recognized, which is conducive to the majority of domestic traders' customs clearance and settlement。

Product range

◆ Mechanical industrial products

◆ 钢管

◆ Power engineering equipment and parts                                                     

◆ 阀门

◆ Hydraulic engineering equipment and parts

◆ 泵

◆ Inspection of industrial raw materials

◆ Pressure vessel

◆ Building Materials

◆ Rubber tire

◆ PVC pipe, pipe fittings

Main service content

Service item


◆ Inspection of industrial raw materials

◆ Quality/quantity certificate

◆ Production supervision

◆ Non-destructive inspection report

◆ Parts inspection 

◆ Progress/inspection report

◆ Part or whole machine performance test

◆ Damage appraisal certificate

◆ Packaging reliability and transportation safety consulting 

◆ Old and new degree appraisal certificate

◆ Monitoring loading and unloading

◆ Value appraisal certificate

◆ Value appraisal of imported machines or imported complete sets of equipment

◆ Inspection certificate of returned repair products

◆ Qualification evaluation of export machinery or export complete sets of equipment suppliers (manufacturers)        

◆ Machine or equipment damage and load damage identification 

◆ Acceptance machine or complete equipment delivery acceptance 

Related certification service

◆ ISO19001 quality management system certification

◆ ISO14000 environmental management system certification

◆ GB/T 29001 Occupational Health and safety management system certification

◆ SA 8000 social responsibility standard certification

◆ ISO 27000 Information security management system


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