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Mission: To create a more trustworthy world

   From the perspective of enterprise attributes, as a member of the central enterprise, China Inspection Group is the most reliable force of the Party and the state in the inspection and certification industry。China Inspection Group in the new era should always bear in mind the original intention and mission,Give full play to the advantages of technology, talent and network,To be the main force and spearhead in implementing the decisions and arrangements of the central Government;Deeply understand the policy requirements of the competent government departments, in-depth analysis of social and economic development trends,Be the main force and vanguard of implementing the national strategy and promoting high-quality development。From the industry attributes,"Building trust and passing trust" is the essential function of the Group's inspection and certification work,Build a bridge of trust between customers, shareholders, employees, government and all stakeholders in the form of certificates and reports,Help build "Everyone trusts me,I believe in everyone "honest society and a better world。At the same time, shouldering the responsibility of the representative of the central enterprises in the inspection and testing certification industry, taking the lead and setting an example in promoting the optimization of the layout of state-owned capital and promoting the development of the industry。From the perspective of the group itself, we pledge the common belief of the big family of the China Inspection Group。Through the sincerity, diligence and efforts of each member unit and each CCI, CCI Group will become the most trusted brand organization of all parties and a more trustworthy "small world".。


State-owned central enterprises violate the eight provisions of the central mental problems

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