The VLGC business of Dongying Company of Shandong Company has made a new breakthrough

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5With the departure of the ship "VIVIT THUBAN" on October 27, it marked a new breakthrough in the VLGC business carried out by Dongying Inspection and Certification Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Dongying Company) in Binzhou Port。

As of May this year, Dongying has completed the inspection of four VLGC vessels, with a total discharge volume of 97,672.318 tons, become a new growth point of the company's business。In order to do a good job of unloading the ship, the business department of Dongying Company worked overtime with the laboratory to ensure the accuracy of the data and the timeliness of the results。During the period, we actively communicated with customs, border inspection, docks and customers, and completed ship inspection with the cooperation of many parties, saving a lot of berthing time for customers。

In the next step, Dongying Company will work hard to practice internal skills, strengthen laboratory construction, improve service quality and work quality, improve work efficiency, from the dock to the tank farm, from on-site inspection to laboratory testing, to provide customers with one-stop service。




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