Amoeba operation | Employees move and enterprises run -- Dongying Company started the promotion of "Amoeba" operation and management tools

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Recently, Dongying company actively responded to the call of the provincial company and as a pilot unit, under the guidance of the concept of value creation, it has initially introduced the "Amoeba" operation and management tools, and formed a hierarchical and classified performance appraisal system and incentive mechanism that attaches equal importance to efficiency improvement and cost control。

Dongying company team led the marketing, finance, business linkage, the construction of "Amoeba" market-oriented performance evaluation and cash system, management team and management personnel training system, the initial realization of internal market-oriented management of "Amoeba" business system。At the same time, combined with the 4S and 5R management mode implemented by the company for many years, each "amoeba unit" makes a reasonable planning of the work plan by holding weekly and monthly inquiry meetings, and accurately transmits the external market price and market pressure to each small "amoeba".。The company uses "visible" business results and employees "tangible" performance incentives to carry out"Amoeba" operation management tool promotion, in April to revise the "performance appraisal Measures" and trial operation, to achieve a small "Amoeba" revenue, certificate quality, market development and other multi-dimensional assessment, to further deepen the "Amoeba" business model, mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff。

In the next step, Dongying will continue to put people first, promote the high-quality development of "Amoeba" business model by integrating data sources, deepening performance assessment, and strengthening talent training。




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