Zaozhuang City Shizhong District deputy secretary of the district Party Committee, district mayor Han Yaohui line to the inspection of public information research

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       On the morning of March 18th,Han Yaohui, deputy secretary of the District Committee of Shizhong District of Zaozhuang City and head of the district, went to the public trust company of Shandong Company to investigate the construction and operation and development of key projects,The leaders of the district government office, the District Finance Bureau, the District Natural Resources Bureau, the District Key Project Promotion Center, the Guangming Road Sub-district Office and other relevant units accompanied the investigation。

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       Han Yaohui and his delegation went to the company's work site and the construction site of "safety production testing laboratory, equipment research and development production project", investigated and understood the progress of the project and business development, listened to the work report of the company's general manager Li Qi, and put forward specific requirements for the next step。

       Han Yaohui affirmed the company's project construction and operation and development work, and pointed out that the company, as a "prominent contribution unit" in the region, has made positive contributions to promoting regional economic and social development and ensuring the safe operation of enterprises with practical actions。Han Yaohui requires that the company's construction projects belong to the municipal key projects, and departments at all levels should actively rely on services, strengthen coordination and cooperation, pay close attention to the quality of the project, seize the favorable opportunity in the spring, lock the time node, and race against time to promote the construction of key projects and help the development and growth of enterprises。


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